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The 5 Habits for Optimizing Health, Wellbeing & High Performance

Be Well - Work Well - Do Well

#1 Mindset

With a positive mindset and tools, you can achieve your goals for health and wellbeing. You will become more resilient by creating habits that support you when life is challenging. We train you to have a life where work, leasure and relationships are in sync with the life you aspire to have.

#2 Nutrition and Eating 

Making the right choice of food is the basis for wellbeing. Food that supports health, lets us thrive and energizes us physically and mentally.

Drop excess weight, support muscle tone, increase mental focus and stay in energy and hormonal balance with nutrients that are optimal for you. You will "have a diet", rather than "be on a diet".

#3 Body Activation

Build strength, stamina and endurance for an active and stimulating life. Your body can be your best friend during your life long journey.

Have fun, feel confident and enjoy the feeling of being in sync with your body. 

#4 Recovery

A resilient leader also needs rest and recovery. Creating enough time for sleeping, resting and playing will help your body and brain recover and stay healthy. It will set you up for the high levels of energy you want to have in and out of work. 

#5 Relationships

Central to health, wellbeing and the abilty to perform at our best, is our relationships. It is important to develop and nurture them. Making time to connect with colleagues, partners, family and friends creates resilience and supports us and others around us to thrive. 

Inyang Eyoma Bergenstråle

Nutritionist and Certified Life-, and High Performance Coach, making your life of health, purpose and wellbeing easy and fun!


I want to make success easy for you!
The principles are: 

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle can be easy, and does not have to depend on pure willpower.
  2. Becoming aware of what actually drives our behaviour will keep us on the right track -and help us stay there. This is what I want you to experience.
  3. Change things in your surroundings that make you fail and create smart solutions that instead will set you up for success. Again and again!
  4. Change yourself by shifting your thoughts, beliefs and habits. New daily experiences create your new life. 
  5. Take daily action and integrate changes to become the change you wish to see in your life.


"Your mindset is the bases for managing healthy eating habits, sticking to exercise programs, sleeping well and having rewarding relationships."

As a nutritionist, certified lifecoach and high performance coach, for more than 25 years, I have helped clients become healthy, high performing and thriving through step-by-step daily activities that create new healthy habits. 

I use proven methods and easy processes to help you get unstuck with unwanted habits and create a lifestyle that supports balanced weight, healthy food choices, exercising, great sleep and physical and mental recovery. Unwanted habits that may have been a struggle for years can be turned around. 

In all business and work life, clarity, focus and the ability to recharge body and mind is an essential key to success. You are your most valueable tool to a happy and thriving work life.

Inyang Eyoma Bergenstråle

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HIgh perfomance and executive coaching: I support leaders in achieving and keeping a high level of business performance whilst living a life with optimal health and purpose. Clients are coached using a systematic approach to an active and well balanced lifestyle.

Private 1:1 Coaching

Would you like a private exclusive program specifically built to get you desired result fast and effectively? Do you want to do a deep dive into your specific situation and find your own path to success? Then this would be your option.

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 Leadership Coaching 


5 Habits for a Sustainable Worklife

Keep track of these habits and maintain a longterm healthy worklife. At this Worklife Summit, Inyang shares the 5 most important habits to keep you healthy and well at work and after work.


Boost for Health

The 5 week program to help you get the lifestyle you desire, feel vibrantly healthy, be focused at work, recover from stress and enjoy your life!

You will cure yourself of habits that no longer serve you!

This 5 week program uses scientifically proven methods to change habits and create a mindset that supports new healthy routines that serve you. You can finally free yourself from habits that do not serve you!

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Are you ready to conciously choose lifestyle habits that give you high levels of energy and wellbeing and that keeps you healthy? 

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Create your own recepies by combining nutrient packed ingredients as you like. 

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All recipes are made by Nutritionist Inyang Eyoma Bergenstråle. 

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"I participated in a leadership programme designed and executed by Inyang for a six month period. This process was transformative on many levels and helped to catapult me into the position of being a confident leader with a balanced life. What is unique about Inyang is that she is so tuned when it comes to helping you identify the life that YOU want to live and she effortlessly identifies patterns where your actions are not in line with this vision. From there, she helps you identify new patterns and habits that you can adopt to your personal super highway towards success. Even though the focus was on developing my professional leadership skills, the tools that Inyang uses could be applied in all aspects of my life."

CEO of a Stockholm based NGO

"Inyang coachade mig inför nya kommande utmaningar och uppdrag i en omställningsfas. Det var ovärderligt att få vända och vrida på tidigare erfarenheter och formulera möjligheter som såddes som små frön. Jag fick insikter om att jag inte ville fortsätta i tidigare bana. Nu har jag dragit ut en essens i mina erfarenheter som jag vill utveckla vidare. Inyangs coachstil är mjuk men utmanande. Inyang står stadigt och lotsade mig med stark och varsam hand så att jag under resans gång såg vad jag inte tänkt igenom ordentligt eller formulerat tidigare. Det är underbart med en coach som inte köper alla floskler. Tack Inyang!!!"

Iris Lågvall
Jurist, Verksamhetsledare för digitalisering på Arbetsförmedlingen

"Att idrotta på världsnivå är en härlig utmaning! För att få ut full effekt av träningspassen och hålla sig hel och frisk över tid, då är energipåfyllning, återhämtning och timing viktiga delar i idrottspusslet. Inom orienteringslandslaget har vi tagit hjälp av Inyang för att höja medvetenheten och kvalitén hos den aktive i just dessa pusselbitar. Med föreläsning, personlig rådgivning och praktiska tips har fler i landslaget blivit mer medvetna och förändrat små till större saker i kosten . Inyang har varit ett stort stöd, inspiratör och rådgivare för oss och jag kan varmt rekommendera att ta hjälp av Inyang. "

Marita Skogum
Fd Förbundskapten Orienteringslandslaget

"The coaching sessions have helped me to better craft my professional image and provided me with a good framework to think through significant career choices. For me, the most significant results are related to making decisions about my future career. In the first year it was about internship applications and 2nd-year exchange options, while more recently it was about considering a move to a foreign country for a full-time position. The most unique aspect of her coaching style was that she always kept asking questions. Her questions helped me better understand the pros and cons of the decisions I needed to make and therefore allowed me to reach clearer conclusions. I would recommend Inyang because she was very open in her communication style and gave fresh insights in her coaching. "

MSc student at Stockholm School of Economics, Master Finance/CDA Program

"First and foremost coaching helped me realise that the right path for me was actually possible. Through the coaching sessions I have learnt to have faith in my ability, and that my qualities are valuable - which has helped me with the confidence needed to fully immerse myself in making my ambitions come true. I have come to realise how I can achieve better results simply by changing my mindset into one which values me and who I am. The coaching sessions have helped me work on how to achieve this goal, taking into account my personality and how to best increase my efficiency. I have really appreciated Inyangs coaching style. We got along well from the start. She has always been supportive, but has consistently pushed me to question myself. I especially appreciate how persistent she is with correcting my way of expressing myself - which has effectively helped shift me from a "try"-mentality to a "do"-mentality. This coaching is an amazing opportunity to challenge your mindset and your perception of your potential. To go from thinking that maybe you can do something, to learning that if you decide to, you will do something. Along with concrete examples of how to facilitate the process and increase your efficiency."

Student in Career Development Program at Stockholm School of Economics


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"Human Sustainability for long term health and wellbeing in worklife is one the central aspects of a successful buisiness. I want to inspire people and organisations to adopt a mindset for prosperity that is good for people and the planet as well as finances. Triple bottom line should rule in any business"

Inyang Eyoma Bergenstråle
Nutritionist, Life- and High Performance Coach

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